Thirdwave LLC.

Contracting assignment with the Chicago based Thirdwave LLC.. Company specializes in Content Management System and Application development for large scale sites. Responsibilities included developing maintainable front–end code for integrated systems and templates. Worked with a variety of development environments and servers such as ColdFusion and ASP.NET. Aided work on projects for a variety of clients such as the AIGA, Carlson GMAC, and the Joyce Foundation.

  • AIGA Roscoe Template No URL currently applicable Continued development on the upcoming Roscoe template for the AIGA Chapter Content Management Systems. Pages use XHTML and CSS intertwined with a custom CMS to give administrators of each AIGA chapter a choice on layout. Also, wrote documentation for the usage of the templates, and guidelines for assisting administrators or future developers in creating their own templates making use of the existing code. AIGA, Sample One AIGA, Sample Two AIGA, Sample Three AIGA, Sample Four
  • National Stock Exchange (NSX) Converted the National Stock Exchange's old table-based layout to a tableless XHTML and CSS, cross–browser compatible site. National Stock Exchange, Sample One National Stock Exchange, Sample Two
  • Joyce Foundation No URL currently applicable Developed stylized search forms and results for the upcoming Joyce Foundation Gun Violence information site. Forms utilize javascript and CSS stylings to enhance basic form input controls. Joyce Foundation, Sample One Joyce Foundation, Sample Two Joyce Foundation, Sample Three
  • Carlson GMAC No URL currently applicable Worked on front–end code templates for the upcoming re-design of the Carlson GMAC site. Did development on a variety of themes for different sections of the site (profile pages, property listings, etc.). Also developed the search forms and customized lightboxes for pop-up information. Carlson GMAC, Sample One Carlson GMAC, Sample One
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