Sender LLC.

Contract with the Chicago based Sender LLC., recently known for their work on the Obama 2008 Presidential Campaign identity. Worked with a closely knit group of designers and developers on the front–end for the What's Your FQ? promotional site and mailing lists. Also, worked on stylesheet maintenance, and e–mail newsletters for the Just Great Tickets site.

  • What's Your FQ? A promotional site for the combined efforts of,, and Worked closely with the site designer to determine the optimal layout for the site. Did heavy image editing, slicing, and optimization. Developed front–end code for the site and mailing lists using XHTML, CSS, and various tricks to achieve cross browser compatibility while maintaining usage of modern image and layout techniques. What's Your FQ?, Sample One What's Your FQ?, Sample Two What's Your FQ?, Sample Three What's Your FQ?, Sample Four What's Your FQ?, Sample Five
  • Just Great Tickets Did minor maintenance on the site's stylesheets and layout. Also worked on body copy and styles for a variety of local e–mail newsletters. Just Great Tickets, Sample One Just Great Tickets, Sample Two Just Great Tickets, Sample Three Just Great Tickets, Sample Four Just Great Tickets, Sample Five
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