About This Site

This site was developed with my own template system using PHP, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My editor of choice is TextMate, but I also love using CSSEdit for my stylesheets. The few images you may encounter were created with Adobe Photoshop. I also owe credit to Ed Merritt's Vaga icon set for their use on my Resumé page. Of course, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without my Macintosh.

The development process was made possible by the wonderfully easy MAMP server environment. Pages have been tested and should work well under modern versions of Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

About Daniel

I'm 24 years old and tend to hide my geekiness ‹!-- yeah right --›. I love bicycles, outer–space, metal, and rock and roll. I have an uncontrollable fascination with art, philosophy, and sciences. I also love acting like a goof–ball, playing video games, and pushing myself towards learning the latest and greatest.

I'm currently a Contractor doing Web Development for the Buzz Company in Chicago, Illinois. If you wish for more details on my work history, head on over to my Resumé.